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Industrial IoT Gateway

Octanis Instruments GW1

Our customizable industrial IoT gateway connects monitoring sensors transparently to the cloud. It can be fitted with different radios supporting LoRa or WiFi HaLow (802.11ah). Peripherals such as a USB camera or RS485 (Modbus) devices can be connected. Google Coral Neural accelerator support can be added as an option. Powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet).

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ConvolutionSense - predictive maintenance sensor

Octanis Instruments CS

Our wireless sensor node for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring takes large snapshots of vibration and sound data and outputs a single human readable result. It boasts a powerful 64-core neural network processor, allowing for complex data analysis right where you need it. The results can be directly sent to you via LoRaWAN or Sigfox.

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