Some of our Work

Data Visualisation

We collect and visualise data from the Anisca Bird project in real time on a web page.


User Interface for an OLED Screen

We developed the graphical user interface for a low resolution OLED screen. The project consisted of writing a driver for the target microcontroller platform, making a clickable mockup and implementing it on the target.


Cross Platform Desktop App

We developed a cross platform desktop app with Qt and Python3. The app syncs data over USB from a wearable device. The user is able to add metadata and visualise readings.

desktop app

Tracking Software for Marine Turtle

The shell of a sea turtle roaming the Mediterranean sea is a particularly challenging environment for software. The software we wrote runs on a small microcontroller, calculates the turtle's depth and determines if it is about to surface. If it is, it wakes up the satellite modem and sends a message. This project included writing all the firmware and drivers.


iOS App

An iPhone App for indoor navigation at a conference using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.

iOS app

Android App

For the Anisca Bird product we developed an Android app that connects to the product via USB. The user can use the app to get all the devices data and upload it to the Ansica cloud.

anisca android app

Our Process

Software development in a hardware company is often a challenge, but it can also be very rewarding. In this type of company, the hardware engineers work on developing new products, and the software engineers work on developing the software that will run on those products.

The software development process usually starts with requirements gathering. The software engineers meet with the hardware engineers to find out what the product is supposed to do and how it is supposed to work. They also gather information about the intended user base and the environment in which the product will be used.

After the requirements are gathered, the software engineers start writing the software. Once this is complete, the software is tested. The software engineers test it on different platforms and in different environments to make sure that it works correctly. They also test it for usability and compliance with government regulations.

We develop innovative software for leading-edge hardware devices. Our software development process is tailored specifically to the hardware company's needs, and we work closely with the hardware team to ensure that our products are well integrated and meet all requirements. We have a long history of successful software development projects, and our team is highly skilled in all aspects of software development.