Accelerate your product design

A broad range of skills

Building on our core strength in electronics engineering, we partner with industrial designers and mechanical engineers to create highly integrated products. The end result is a customized solution with the functionality you want at a price point that fits your budget.

Our direct access to manufacturers in Asia gives you flexibility and speed. From delivering a single prototype to scaling up as your needs change, our process is able to grow along with your business.

Hardware integrations

We offer a range of embedded hardware modules and circuits that can be integrated into your existing products or new bespoke projects. Our modules include Bluetooth, NFC, Sigfox and WiFi hardware, as well as STM32 low power microcontroller firmware libraries for data logging and synchronisation.

PCB design and prototyping

PCBs, or printed circuit boards, are integral to the construction of electronic devices. They are used to mechanically and electrically connect electronic components. PCB design is a complex and nuanced process, but our engineers have the experience and expertise to create high-quality boards that meet your specific requirements.

Feasibility studies

Any entrepreneur will tell you that testing and researching the feasibility of an idea before going full steam ahead is of the utmost importance. This is especially true when it comes to new businesses, products, or services. Without doing your homework, you could easily find yourself in over your head and out of business. It’s important to take the time to research your idea, test the market, and gauge customer interest. This will help you determine if there is actually a demand for your product or service and if it’s worth investing your time and money into. So before you take the plunge, we can help you do your due diligence and test the waters first.


It is impressive how we can display the weight fluctuations over an entire season. This is the first time we have a tool that allows us to do so.

Bettina Almasi

Researcher at Vogelwarte Sempach