Embedded World 2024

Embedded World 2024

15 April 2024

At Embedded World last week, we unveiled our latest project: AI-accelerated sensors designed to be a game-changer in predictive maintenance.

Anisca Bird inside test chamber for emmisions measurements

Radio Emissions of an IoT Device and How to Measure Them

31 March 2022

As a conclusion to the second design iteration of our RFID and SIGFOX powered owl weight tracker, Anisca Bird, we performed a series of electromagnetic emission measurements at a local test house. In this blog posts, we take you through the different steps of the process and discuss the obtained results.

SUPERPORT Team from left to right: René Odermatt, Raffael Tschui, Sam Sulaimanov, Kristian Marjanovic

Design Studio & Engineering Company Join Forces to Form SUPERPORT

22 January 2022

Octanis Instruments and Studio Porto are excited to announce their joint venture, SUPERPORT! The two companies have come together to create a one-of-a-kind design and engineering experience for their clients.

Smart Nestbox Perch

Le point sur l'avancement du dispositif de surveillance de la chouette effraie d'Octanis Instruments

22 January 2022

Notre dispositif de surveillance suit le poids et l'identité des chouettes effraies à l'aide de cellules de charge et d'étiquettes RFID. Les cellules de charge mesurent le poids de la chouette, et l'étiquette RFID enregistre l'identité de la chouette.

Railway Worker with Alerting Device

Why are all my chips out of stock right now?

3 May 2021

The invention of semiconductor chips is often regarded as the greatest invention of the 21st century. This claim indeed carries some weight as the structure of modern civilization stands on the foundation of electronics and communications technology.

Smart Nestbox Perch

Deux ans après le début du projet de surveillance de la chouette effraie : Premiers résultats

17 December 2020

Our LoRa Gateway overseeing the city landscape of Lausanne

La première passerelle LoRaWAN de Lausanne se connecte à l'Internet des objets

2 December 2015