Anisca Bird is a zero stress automated 
population weight monitoring device.

How it works

Anisca Bird replaces the usual roosting place with a weighing and tracking device and can be used with owls, eagles, pigeons, chickens and any other bird that can be ringed.


Weight resolution of 1g

Precise calibration allows the system to measured weights with a resolution down to 1g. Weight measurement is done upon detection of an RFID tag for a duration of up to 30 seconds. A standard deviation and a mean weight is computed and stored.

Built-in RFID reader

Anisca automatically reads standard animal PIT tags. You can use any passive RFID tag supported by the EM4095 reader chip like ISO11784 or ISO11785. We can supply bird rings in various diameters that include a compatible RFID tag.

Long battery life

With the external battery case, containing four premium rechargeable NiMH batteries, you can have up to a year of battery life! Just charge up the batteries and you're good to go! A 1.5m long cable gives you the freedom to place the weather resistant case anywhere you want.

Wireless data transmission

An XBee compatible radio module enables Anisca to upload all collected data to the cloud database. Anisca uses the SigFox network which is an inexpensive, reliable, low-power solution to connect sensors and devices. All data is also stored in on board memory and a USB-C port allows easy data transfer using an app.

Onboard memory for up to 18 years of data

Anisca Bird has onboard storage that can store up to 18 years of weight records. We have optimised the way we record data so that you don't have to worry about saving space. To read the memory, you can use a USB connection to a PC or Android phone.

Modular build

Anisca is designed to be modular for easy and quick modifications and repairs. If any parts or components on the device need to be replaced or repurposed, the process is simple and straightforward. Video instructions document the assembly process.

Who uses Anisca?

Anisca Bird was co-developed with the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach. They monitor Barn Owls (Tyto alba) by putting up artificial nest boxes equipped with Anisca Bird, which harbor almost all breeding individuals. When the owls nest, a wide range of physiological, physical or behavioral parameters can be measured in the adults or the chicks. However, to obtain these data they often have to catch the owls, thus inducing a light stress. With Anisca Bird they can monitor the movements of all the individuals all year round through a low-cost device, without any disturbance to the owls.

Read more about the Barn Owl project

What's included?

1x Anisca Bird Reader

  • Reads RFID tags at 125 kHz
  • High quality 4 kg load cell by Zemic for weight measurement
  • Water resistant aluminium case
  • 868 MHz antenna for Sigfox connectivity
  • Attaches with two screws to the wall

1x Anisca Bird Perch (ø14cm)

  • Varnished plywood perch
  • Integrated 125kHz RFID antenna with up to 10cm reading range
  • IP67 rated M8 cable
  • Attaches easily to the Anisca Bird Reader with just 2x M8 screws

1x Anisca Battery Box (incl. 4 NiMH Premium Batteries)

  • 1.5 meter long IP67 rated cable with M8 connector
  • Four 10Ah NiMH D cells provide enough energy for up to 1 year battery life
  • Easy to access USB port for data transfer and updates
  • Buzzer and LED for status and calibration indication

Where can I get Anisca?

You can request a quote below. Please let us know how many devices you need and when you would like to install them.

Anisca can be used to monitor a wide range of birds indoors and outdoors. We can provide a custom configuration for every scenario including adapting the perch size, diameter and shape. We will be very happy to provide you with more information on timeline and costs.

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