iOS and Android apps for Bluetooth or NFC enabled devices

  • Use our off the shelf app Octanis Connect for your MVP

  • Get your data off your Bluetooth or NFC enabled prototype

  • Use our app to impress your stakeholders with an integrated experience by adding your own logo and interface

  • easily customize our app’s code with TypeScript (JavaScript)

  • collect data from your end device by synchronising via Bluetooth, NFC or WiFi

  • send data securely (encrypted) to the Octanis Connect Cloud service to centrally collect data from the entire device fleet

Octanis Connect Cloud Service backend application

  • For wearables, measurement instruments, medical devices and their counterpart apps.

  • Transmit data over the air securely by using our end to end encryption module: Generate encryption keys on the embedded device and on the server independently. If the device is lost or stolen, device data cannot be restored.

  • Timescale time series database makes querying sensor data a breeze

  • REST API with support for custom Python Django modules

Industrial controller or legacy device

  • connection to Octanis Connect Cloud Service

  • Use a platform independent application to get data off your industrial controller or legacy serial port device

  • Transmit information securely

Embedded Hardware

  • Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi sync hardware modules and circuits available for immediate integration in existing products or new bespoke projects

  • STM32 low power microcontroller firmware libraries for data logging and Bluetooth Low Energy or NFC synchronisation